Social Status’ Nike Dunk Low Collaboration Inspired By Milk Cartons Given During Summertime Free Lunches_Sole Says It All

While iconic art inspired their last collab, Social Status is looking to something more universal for their next: food. Specifically, the imprint is celebrating milk cartons, specifically adding touching nuances of signature flavors of strawberry and chocolate to the upper of the beloved Dunk Low.


However, these aren’t a mere adaptation of a food into shoe form, which is what we’ve seen throughout the history of shoe collaborations. According to sources, Social Status instead focuses on the importance of free lunches given out to children in the summertime, specifically those in underserved communities. For decades, these free meals have served a key role in keeping local youths in inner cities fueled so that they can stay fed and energized to enjoy the time off from school, especially while parents continue to work tirelessly to support their families.

For this upcoming collaboration, you have two options to choose from. A sweet strawberry milk dresses one, embodied by way of the suede toe, eye stay, and collar. Thicker, darker hits complement along the tongue and ankle flap, while the base opts for a plain, tan base like that of the midsole underneath. Opposite, a chocolate flavor delivers a richer colorway, its deep browns layered over top a creamier foundation. Both pairs, despite their differences in palette and inspiration, bring a few of the same details. For example, the Swooshes opt for a slightly translucent, synthetic material, the accents elsewhere sprinkle with louder, vibrant color, and the tongue replaces the usual logos with Social Status’ own.

For a closer look at the two, see below. A specific release date, though TBD as of writing this, is expected to land some time in August. And while PS and TD sizes are shown, expect a full family size run.

In other news, have you seen the 2021 Nike Dunk Low Halloween?

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