Nike Announces Partnership With Florida A&M With A LeBron 18 PE_Sole Says It All

In the past few months, Nike has made great strides in expanding their family of sponsored schools. Following not too long after UCLA’s inauguration into the brand, the Swoosh has announced their six-year partnership with Florida A&M Athletics.


Starting July 1st, 2021, Nike will be the school’s sole provider of footwear, uniform, and apparel, thus continuing a relationship that blossomed over 20 years ago. And once the FAMU men’s and women’s basketball teams get the chance to hit the court, they’ll be doing so in LeBron James‘ branded jerseys. What’s more, they’ll also have some LeBron 18 PEs at their feet, a pair whose colorway features the Rattlers’ signature orange and green as well as some FAMU branding.

“Nike has long supported Florida A&M Athletics, and I’m committed to lifting up HBCU’s, so I was happy I rocked a pair of the PEs in-game and showcased a piece of what’s to come for the men’s and women’s basketball programs,” LeBron stated.

The two’s relationship goes much further than commercial goods. As part of their deepening relationship with HBCUs, the Swoosh will work with the university to better their student-athlete development programs, internship offerings, and network opportunities.

For a look at the LeBron 18 PE, see above. Throughout the following six years, the FAMU team is sure to have quite a few player exclusives to unveil.

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